Our program provides speed, agility, and conditioning which are of extreme importance. Without speed you will get run down or you won’t be in position to make the play. Without agility you will miss your block, your tackle, or your juke. We also train athletes for strength,stamina and recovery.


Not everyone is born with incredible speed. Improvements take a disciplined effort day after day, week after week, and year after year. Speed of movement is the primary goal in improving performance. Speed is the limiting factor in many athletic events. The ability to perform at maximum speed is an asset to the greatest of all competitive athletes. Developing maximum running speed is a laborious task. If you “go through the motions” during speed improvement drills, you will show little or no improvement at all. Run every sprint as fast as possible. Always rest the prescribed amount of time while mentally preparing for the next rep.


Agility defined is the ability to rapidly change directions without loss of speed and/or coordination. You must be able to “move” and change directions in athletics. Straight-line speed is not very helpful if you can’t change directions. Don’t just go through the motions! See yourself on the field or court, planting and changing directions and making plays. Learn to control yourself in and out of the drills by maintaining balance, coordination and footing. Agility training is just like speed development. You must perform each rep at maximum speed, rest, and do it again.


Generally speaking, most people think of flexibility as a means of “warming-up” for an athletic event or workout. This is very true but flexibility also plays an important role in a person’s ability to be a great athlete. You must be able to “bend” and move effortlessly during competition. Flexibility gives you the ability do this. In athletics the majority of people who are often injured are usually considered “stiff” people. It is our belief that this is due to stiff people getting into an awkward positions, and something must give. It’s usually the soft tissue around the joint that gives. When working on your flexibility remember to relax and try to work right up to the sticking point and gradually work past that point without pain. Developing flexibility is a gradual process.


Effort and consistency are the keys to your development. You must work hard every day in order to show consistent results. The training process of a dedicated athlete is and should be hard. A great workout consists of these fundamentals.